Enchanting ceremonies in the Castle


Il Castello di Giomici is the perfect location for top ceremonies, with its magical atmosphere, the medieval top-hill village, the little picturesque square and its overlooking towers, decked with standards on important occasions.

During Spring-parties guests are welcomed in our family garden, trimmed with flowerbeds and surrounded by a sovereign Nature that attracts our look to a gorgeous boundless view.

Inside the city walls there is the little church of St. Michael, built in the 13th century and afterward decorated with Renaissance frescoes by Matteo da Gualdo, beautiful painted lacunar ceiling, ancient wooden choir, ceramic frieze by DellaRobbia school framing the altarpiece.

TWO HALLS FOR BANQUETS, in the most ancient part of the castle, have been recently restored on their original medieval style (stone walls, wooden-beam ceiling, hand-made "cotto" floor, UP TO 180 PERSONS, including the close-by court, dominated by the medieval tower.

The GARDEN TERRACE, on the west side, is an enchanting open space at sunset light, perfect for aperitif cocktail and buffet.

On the occasion of weddings, guests will get into a magical historical atmosphere, arriving in the picturesque little square, with bells ringing and torchlight when the night comes. Giomici is also the perfect set for a wonderful photo-album.

During this unforgettable moments we can advice you musicians in medieval costumes and funny entertainers like jester and juggler.

Contact us if you want to see more pictures of last weddings in Giomici. We would be happy to give you more information.